Sweet poison

Adunni Animashaun is beautiful.
A poison so sweet, quite a number of men would kill to swallow.
Soft as a flower, gentle as a dove.
Her voice soothes any troubled soul.
Oh how the stars can’t compete with the glow of her dentition.
In her eyes, you’ll find a million desires waiting to be fulfilled.
She was perfectly carved, she’s a template for the beautiful.

My son,

Of the many things you need, she isn’t one of them.
Set your priorities right and your eyes right on course.
Don’t be carried away by her beauty, it’s deceitful.
Don’t be carried away by her smile, it’s a killer.
The rhythm of her swaying hips pull the simpleminded men away from the narrowΒ  path.
Her legs, fair and smooth, are the highway to hell.
Her kisses will seal your fate.
Her house is a den. Those who go to her never return whole.
She is the Proverbs 7 woman, a complete opposite of the much adored Proverbs 31 woman


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