Keeping Fit.Episode 4 (Last Episode)

“Who is Olumide?” Kunle asked again confused. He had called his wife in a bid to clear the cloud of guilt he was soaring in a while ago only to hear of someone’s death “talk to me Wunmi. Hello…hello?” he called out but she had ended the call. 

He stared at his phone wondering what was wrong with his wife. The name Olumide didn’t ring any bell and he was left to imagine who the said Olumide was and why his death hit his wife so hard she was brought to tears. She said she was sorry too, but what for? He asked himself, his confusion building. He dialed Wunmi’s number again but she wasn’t answering. He called Anita hoping she’d know the Olumide Wunmi was crying for.


“Eh! I’m done for,” Wunmi said crying and running her fingers through her hair like a mad woman. Her phone rang again after she ended the conversation with her husband. She looked at the phone screen, Kunle was calling again. She couldn’t bring herself to answer his call. She would have to explain to him who Olumide is. Oh no, who Olumide was. The same olumide who was laughing with her only minutes ago was lying lifeless on the hotel bed and there was no way she could escape being arrested.

She hit her forehead. Of all places to commit adultery she just had to book a room in the five star hotel that boasted of the best security in Lagos. She thought of running away from the hotel and act like nothing ever happened but she knew she wouldn’t go far. They had her details. She had given some of them while booking the room earlier in the week. She hit her forehead again. Even if they didn’t have her details, her face would definitely be captured by the security camera and in no time, through facial recognition and a search through the national citizens database, the Nigerian police force would have her arrested. The woes of modern technology. She wanted to scream. She stared at Olumide’s lifeless body and shook her head. I sure do know how to pick these men, don’t I? 

Having no other choice, she called the reception.


“How did I get here?” Wunmi asked as Anita and Kunle sat before her at the station where she was held in custody as a primary suspect in Olumide’s death.

“That’s a very good question you need to ask yourself and not me,” Anita replied her

“This isn’t the time for you to scold me like my mom Anita, she already did that when she came here,”

“This isn’t the time to put up any attitude either,” Anita replied “we should be thinking of how to get you out of the mess you got yourself in,”

“I’m sorry, I’m just…I don’t know. Confused. Overwhelmed. Angry. Feeling stupid. I’m a bunch of many things right now. Why are you not saying anything Kunle?” She said turning to him

“Something like what Wunmi?” He said in a tone she wasn’t familiar with

“Anything. Say something please,”

“Why did you sleep with that man?”

“Honey, let’s not go there yet please,”

“Answer me!” He said hitting his fist on the table. Anita and Wunmi jolted in fear. They hadn’t seen Kunle like that before and Wunmi didn’t want to vex him any further 

“I was lonely Kunle. I fell hopelessly and helplessly for the first man that gave me the attention you didn’t give me. It was wrong of me, I know. Being locked up and awaiting trial is enough punishment believe me”

“So what about the times I was with you? Those moments I made you feel like a queen, did you feel lonely then?”

“Kunle…” She said and reached for his hand

“Don’t,” he said pulling back 

“You have every right to be angry but please I need you right now more than I ever did,” 

“You talk like I never spend time with you,”

“You spend practically no time with me Kunle,” 

“That still doesn’t give you the right to sleep with someone else!” He said teary eyed “I love you Wunmi and you know it. I know I am not the husband of the year but I still do the best I can for you,”

“Its easy for you to say all these Kunle. You don’t know the hell you put me through. You think loneliness is fun? You think I don’t deserve to be happy? You think being a stay-at-home wife is so much fun? I’ve been dying slowly Kunle. I had one opportunity to laugh again and I took it,”

“You know Annie my secretary, don’t you?”

“Yes, what has she got to do with this?”

“She just happens to be the most attractive woman in my Abuja office and I had the opportunity of a lifetime to sleep with her the same night you were with your lover but I couldn’t bring myself to do so because you were all I could think of,” he wiped a tear off his face “why couldn’t you do the same for me?”

Wunmi stared at Kunle as he wiped another tear off his face. She’d been wrong about him. Tolu had somehow managed to convince her that each time he was away on a trip, he was with a woman. How can a man like him not have a woman to ease his stress? She’d told her. Tolu encouraged her to get closer to Olumide. Tolu gave her the aphrodisiac that Olumide unfortunately reacted to and even denied ever giving her such when the police called her in for questioning. Wunmi looked at Anita. She wasn’t smiling at all. She was obviously disappointed in her. 

“There’s no amount of excuse that can justify your dirty deed,” Anita finally spoke

“Thank you…” Kunle said

“Don’t even act like the good guy here Kunle,” Anita cut in sharply and turned to face him “to be sincere, I blame you for all these. You literally pushed Wunmi into the hands of some other man who gave her the attention you wouldn’t give her. I just hope the trial goes well and she gets a lighter sentence,”

“I’m sorry,” Kunle said taking Wunmi’s hand in his

“I’m sorry too,” she replied “I really do hope I get out of this. Olumide’s family are not taking things lightly with me at all. They want me to be punished terribly for his death,”

“Everything will be fine. You’ll have the best lawyer in Nigeria to defend you, I’ll make sure of that,”


Wunmi sat at the counsel table staring and listening to her lawyer and the prosecuting counsel. She’d been like that for the last twenty minutes listening to the two of them argue her fate. It’d been seven weeks since Olumide’s unfortunate death and she’d been through emotional and physical torture. This was her second appearance in court. The judge had adjourned to this day giving the medical examiner and the police time to find evidence against her. Olumide’s family were bent on having her tried and punished immediately for the death of their son and couldn’t wait to hear the judge’s ruling. Her only consolation so far had been Kunle’s effort in getting her freed even though he was still angry with her for being with another man and having him die while she was with him. 

She turned to the gallery, all her friends except Tolu were present in court that day. She wasn’t surprised at Tolu’s absence. Since she was called into the police station for questioning as to how she came about the drug she gave her, she swore never to set her feet in the station or in court if her case ever got there. Wunmi shook her head in an attempt to get out of her thoughts and back into the courtroom. The judge was going to give his judgement anytime soon.

“Your honor, let’s not drag this any further. The accused here has already confessed to giving the deceased the pill that cost him his life. What more do we need?” the prosecutor said and sat down

“Did the accused and the deceased have an affair? Yes, they did and I believe that if the deceased were alive he wouldn’t want their affair to end because he was in love with the accused. His death cannot be pinned on my client as there is also no evidence that she gave him the pill that contains the said chemical that his body system reacted to. With all due respect to the dead, Mr Olumide was an adult capable of making decisions by himself and he made a decision to take a pill that cost him his life which I repeat was not forced on him by anyone. And as to my client confessing to giving him the pill, it was purely out of fear and pressure from the family of the deceased. We all know how the rich and powerful family of late Mr Olumide can get when things don’t go their way, and it should therefore come as no surprise that my client confessed to doing what she didn’t do out of fear. I ask your honor, that you, in your wisdom judge fairly. Your honor, I rest my case” Wunmi’s lawyer said and sat down.

There was murmuring from Olumide’s family after Wunmi’s lawyer told the court that they were the reason for Wunmi’s confession. Wunmi put her hands together as if saying a prayer. Well she was praying, she needed to pray that the judge would give a judgment in her favor. She had spent more than enough nights in jail, nights she never envisaged she would ever spend.

She regretted meeting Olumide. She regretted making plans to meet at Hotel Royale. She wished she could turn back the ends of time and make the right decisions. She wished she didn’t jump into an affair that turned sour for her. She turned to look at Kunle. He wasn’t smiling. Part of her blamed him for the mess she was in. If only he wasn’t married to his business. She sighed. She was to blame also. She could have kept her end of their marriage vows to love him and him only. She folded her hands across her chest as the judge hit his gavel to bring the court to silence. He was about to give his judgment. She could only hope it turned in her favor.

“It is no secret that the accused had an affair with the late Mr Olumide, one that unfortunately ended in his death,” he began, adjusting his glasses “but due to lack of evidence to tie the accused to the death of Mr Olumide, I hereby state that this case is void and Mrs Wunmi Adeoye is therefore discharged and acquited. I rise,” he said and hit his gavel.

“Court!” The court clerk said loudly and everyone stood as the judge walked out of the courtroom 

“Oh my God,” Wunmi said gasping for breath “oh my God,” she couldn’t believe the judgment. She wasn’t expecting it. She was free to walk? Just like that? She turned to the gallery where everyone had been sitting and was greeted by angry faces of Olumide’s family and the joyous faces of her family. Olumide’s family were obviously not happy with the judgment. She heard them murmur how the case wouldn’t end there. She couldn’t be bothered. She was free to go home. 

She thanked her lawyer and practically leaped for joy as she moved from the counsel table to the gallery to meet her friends and parents. Her parents hugged her in joy, and left the courtroom but not without giving her a stern warning to keep off from men. Anita and the twins thereafter took turns to hug her. They were excited for her. Kunle got up from where he’d been sitting, smiled at her while she greeted her friends and walked out of the courtroom. He was happy but still angry with his wife.

“He’s still upset, isn’t he?” Wunmi asked 

“Do you expect him to forget everything just like that? You slept with another man and he died while he was with you and you ended up getting yourself in a court case. Of course he is still upset,” Kenny said

“Just give him time, he’ll come around” Anita said patting her back 

“This is his fault as much as it’s mine, I can’t bear the blame alone,” Wunmi said with a frown “he pushed me away you all know that,”

“And you decided to fall into temptation. That was what you wanted, I remember you saying that,” Anita chipped in

“You better don’t start playing the blame game here,” Taiwo added

“Alright, I will not argue about this right now. What I need is to get out of here and be with my husband. I have just been saved by the Lord, I don’t want to stay here for too long before the judge comes back to change his mind,

Her friends laughed at the joke Wunmi just cracked and walked out of the courtroom with her. As they walked out, Wunmi geared up to face Kunle expecting the worst. She wouldn’t be surprised if he asked for a divorce after what she had done. She believed she deserved it. 

Wunmi’s eyes met with Kunle’s as she stepped out of the courtroom. He’d been at the door waiting for the ladies to step out to join him.

“Kunle,” she called softly 

“Wait, before you say anything else I have something to say first,”

 “Okay,” she said in anticipation 

“Wunmi, let’s start over. Let’s make a baby. Let’s be happy again. I promise I’ll be better than I was before all this issue we’ve thankfully overcome,”

“Oh Kunle,” she hugged him “thank you!” She screamed, glad that he didn’t ask for a divorce. She’d been expecting it. 

“I’m sorry for every way I pushed you into this mess,”

“No, I’m sorry I pushed myself into this mess,” she said letting go of him “I’m a Christian and I know the way of the Lord yet I decided to walk into adultery. I should have done the right thing and kept away from Olumide but I allowed my emotions determine my actions. I promise this will never ever  happen again,” 

“And I promise we will be better than we’ve ever been,”

“I was so scared you would ask for a divorce,”

“A divorce? Why would I?”

“You’ve been so angry with me, I know you ought to but seeing you walk out of the courtroom some minutes ago without saying anything to me, I..I..”

“Shhh, its okay,” he said silencing her with a kiss on her forehead “I can’t and won’t ever divorce you, not for this, not for anything else,”

“Okay! We get it, you two are sorry” Kenny said interrupting their reunion “can we go get lunch somewhere? I’m hungry”

“Really? You’re always hungry Kenny,” Taiwo said giving her a nudge 

“She’s right, I haven’t had a good meal in days. I could do with some”  Wunmi said supporting Kenny

“Well then, after you ladies” Kunle said with a gesture.

The End.

Hi There!

I hope you enjoyed Keeping Fit 🙂

By telling this story, I do not advocate loneliness. Loneliness can kill and it is wrong to put anyone through it ❌🚫

Keeping Fit simply speaks on what loneliness can do to a relationship. Wunmi might have gotten away with Olumide’s death but the truth is, not everyone can be that fortunate. As people who claim Christ likeness (e.g. the Wunmi character), being able to resist temptations helps us avoid a lot of troubles.

Thanks for reading Keeping Fit till the end, more stories to come 🙂

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Lolade Wright


12 thoughts on “Keeping Fit.Episode 4 (Last Episode)

  1. I like this story. I like that she was saved in the end. I see the judge as God who gives a second chance. Imagine actually going to jail bcos of a one night stand 😱

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good read, it’s nice to read that the Lady got away with it. Honestly I know it doesn’t always happen that way.
    Happy to read more from the blog.
    I pray God gives you ideas that will take you places in Jesus name


  3. There are a lot of lessons to learn. I thank Almighty God for choosing you. One of the many is the fact that there are many Tolu like people in the world I.e inspire and assist someone in wickedness but run away when things don’t go so well. We should have no place for them in our lives. I pray deliverance for anyone who is housing any Tolu or is a Tolu in Jesus name Amen.
    Value purity and holiness and live by them always
    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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